Hwasa Acquitted of Allegations Over Obscene Behavior During Performance

Hwasa, who faced criticism for allegedly causing a negative influence, has finally been cleared of all charges

According to a report by YTN on October 31st, the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the investigation results in which the police decided not to prosecute Hwasa for alleged obscene behavior during her performance. They have now concluded the case.


In May, Hwasa performed at Sungkyunkwan University’s festival during the filming of the cable channel tvN’s ‘Dancing Queens on the Road.’ Hwasa received criticism for sticking out her tongue and wiping a sensitive part of her body on stage. Her behavior was deemed obscene.

In response to this, the Association for the Protection of Student-Parent Rights filed a complaint against Hwasa for the crime of public indecency during the performance. A representative explained, “We filed this complaint because Hwasa engaged in obscene behavior that was entirely unrelated to the context of the choreography.”

The representative argued, “This act falls under the crime of public indecency as defined in Article 245 of the Criminal Act. Hwasa’s actions were seen by a large audience and had a significant negative influence.”


Subsequently, Hwasa underwent a police investigation for public indecency during her performance. On June 26th, the Seoul Seongdong Police Station decided not to prosecute her due to a lack of evidence. In response, the Association for the Protection of Student-Parent Rights submitted an application stating that they disagreed with the police investigation results.

Regarding this incident, Hwasa appeared on Sung Si-kyung’s YouTube channel and explained, “I caused a lot of noise for a while due to the obscenity controversy. When I went on Mamamoo’s U.S. tour, I received many messages on the day I arrived in the U.S., and I wondered what had happened. The level of hate comments was really high. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to hate comments, but this time, it was somewhat different.”


She continued, “It was my first concert in New York, and I had to control my mental state until then. After the concert, I burst into tears immediately. Tears flowed like a waterfall. I felt like I couldn’t handle it, so I left the hotel and ran to the parking lot. There, I collapsed and cried.”

Hwasa’s ordeal has now come to an end as she has been cleared of all charges in the controversial performance case.

Source: naver

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