2018’s Kpop album sales ranking (up till now)

Although just only a half of 2018 passed by, the physical album sale battle among famous artists has become more drastic than ever.

Recently, in a popular online forum in Korea, a user posted a review of the album sales of Kpop artists in 2018 (up till now). The products included in this chart are not distinguished by the date of release, but the sales are only counted since January 1, 2018.

A specific chart was concluded based on this figures and indicated the ability to sell album of Kpop artists in the past five months. It comes as no surprise that with their strengths, male artists continue to dominate the charts and account for 14/15 first positions in the rank. TWICE is the only female artist to make it into the list, and they even prove that they can be competitive with their male counterparts by reaching top 5, ranking just behind the top three boy groups currently: BTS, Wanna One and EXO (sub-group EXO-CBX in particular).

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With the success of their comeback last month, BTS easily won the top place. To be more specific, their album sales even double that of the group in second place – Wanna One. In addition, boy groups of new generation once again confirm their rapid growth in recent years by occupying several important positions in the list.

Here are the full list of top 15 Kpop albums which are most sold out in 2018 (up until now):

2018’s album sales ranking

1. BTS – “Love Yourself: Tear”
Sales in 2018: 1.664.041 copies
Total sales: 1.664.041 copies
2. Wanna One – “0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU)”
Sales in 2018: 829.275 copies
Total sales: 829.275 copies
3. EXO-CBX – “Blooming Days”
Sales in 2018: 360.224 copies
Total sales: 360.224 copies
4. TWICE – “What Is Love?”
Sales in 2018: 339.343 copies
Total sale: 339.343 copies
5. GOT7 – “Eyes on You”
Sales in 2018: 329.475
Total sales: 329.475
6. NCT – “2018 NCT Empathy”
Sales in 2018: 304.270
Total sale: 304.270
7. BTS – “Love Yourself: Her”
Sales in 2018: 195.516
Total sale: 1.688.959
8. SEVENTEEN – Special Album “Director’s Cut”
Sales in 2018: 190.226
Total sale: 190.226
9. Jonghyun – “Poest|Artist”
Sales in 2018: 188.491
Total sale: 188.491
10. MONSTA X – “The Connect: Dejavu”
Sales in 2018: 172.383
Total sale: 172.383
11. TVXQ – “The Chance Of Love: New Chapter #1”
Sales in 2018: 141.786
Total sale: 141.786
12. Super Junior – “REPLAY”
Sales in 2018: 135.513
Total sale: 135.513
Sales in 2018: 123.163
Total sale: 123.163
14. JBJ – “True Colors”
Sales in 2018: 123.034
Total sale: 123.034
15. Hwang Chi Yeol – “Be Myself”
Sales in 2018: 115.383
Total sale: 115.383

Korean netizen’s reactions to this ranking:
– Twice is the only female artist, their fandom power is definitely on par with boy groups. BTS is a wall.
– BTS is so amazing … They rise higher every year.
– Meanwhile, Hwang Chiyeol-nim is amazing, too ㅋㅋ Is it because he has a big fandom?
– BTS ‘5th mini was released on Sept 18 last year ㅋㅋ Oh my god …
– Twice is insane … They are not even a boy group
– NCT is quite strong … Is it because the subunits are all combined?
– I’m so proud of Twice ㅠㅠ Boy groups destroy everything in this but
Oh, NCT is quite strong

Sources: tinnhac, kpopkfans

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