Ex-NCT Lucas Apologizes And Explains His Past Scandals, “I Was So Lonely”

Former NCT/WayV member Lucas released a documentary video “Freeze” talking about his past controversies

During the past few days, SM caused a stir among K-pop fans as they began preparing for the solo debut of the controversial male idol Lucas by opening various SNS channels for him. On the evening of February 24th, Lucas officially resumed his activities after the private life controversy by releasing Documentary video “Freeze”. 

Earlier in 2021, Lucas faced a backlash after being embroiled in girlfriend scandals. He was harshly criticized by NCT and WayV fans for badmouthing the members. However, the male idol only went on a hiatus for a while and still appeared at public events of SM artists.


In the documentary, Lucas directly mentioned his scandal for the first time. According to Lucas, he locked himself in his room for 6 months. He experienced hair loss and didn’t want to eat. What’s worse was that he even thought of making an extreme choice. Lucas admitted all the wrongdoings and emphasized that he had become more mature both in his personality and his mind after the scandal.

Regarding his mistakes back then, Lucas explained that he suffered confusion in work and life. Despite gaining popularity and receiving compliments from fans, he felt very lonely after returning to his room and being all alone without anyone contacting him.

He confessed, “I had a lot of strange thoughts in my head. I wanted to call my parents but I didn’t know what to tell them. My world had completely changed. I didn’t know what to do with the frustration I had in me“, adding “I was with the other members and we hung out together when we were on a break. I really like spending time with them. But I felt even lonelier because I couldn’t be with them. I had to keep going abroad by myself”


After apologizing for causing trouble to the members with his scandal, Lucas revealed that he’s still keeping in touch with the members, such as practicing boxing and playing games with them. Recently, Lucas was spotted attending NCT Ten’s concert with members Jaehyun, Johnny, and Mark. 

After episode 1 of Lucas’s documentary was released, netizens’ attitudes towards the male idol were still cold and they continued pouring criticism on him. Many people believe that keeping Lucas in the company is SM’s biggest mistake and declare that they won’t support his solo debut. It seems like Lucas will face many difficulties with his upcoming comeback.

Source: K14

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