Jung Kook’s profile mentions G-Dragon (Big Bang), some BTS fans are annoyed

Some BTS fans are uncomfortable after seeing Jung Kook’s official profile on Apple Music mentions the leader of Big Bang.

On January 14, Apple Music updated Jung Kook‘s profile. The male idol was introduced as follows: born in 1997, from Busan, and is a member of BTS. In addition to group activities, he also participates in producing solo songs such as Still with You.  Two days earlier, Apple Music also updated the profile picture of Jung Kook, in which the BTS maknae’s side profile could be seen. These details show that Jung Kook is “on track” to release a mixtape (an unofficial album that the artist records and releases for free) after a long time of preparation.

Jung Kook's profile mentions G-Dragon (Big Bang)

 Besides the comments expressing their excitement about Jung Kook’s upcoming solo mixtape, controversy sparked over the male idol’s profile on Apple Music.  “Inspired by K-pop predecessor G-Dragon of Big Banghttps://www.kbizoom.com/topics/big-bang (as well as American artists like Justin Timberlake and Usher), he decided to pursue a career in music, starting training in the early 2010s at Big Hit Entertainment. After training his dancing skills at home and in Los Angeles, he was recruited as a founding member of the group BTS”, the profile wrote.

 According to many BTS fans, the fact that Jung Kook’s profile mentions Big Bang’s G-Dragon makes them uncomfortable.  Fans believe that the biggest inspiration that inspired Jung Kook to enter Big Hit is the leader of RM, not G-Dragon. Jung Kook repeatedly confessed that the reason he joined the company was because he admired RM too much.  Jung Kook himself is currently an artist with his own style, not following anyone else’s path, so fans don’t want Apple Music to describe him as someone who is “inspired” by G-Dragon.

 The conflicts between the two fandoms Army and V.I.P (Big Bang’s fans) over the years also made the words “G-Dragon” in Jung Kook’s profile become “annoying” in the eyes of some fans. Currently, G-Dragon is no longer at the peak of his career and Big Bang is involved in many scandals, so BTS fans don’t want to be “related to them”.

Jung Kook's profile mentions G-Dragon (Big Bang)

 Some comments: “What’s the point in mentioning G-Dragon?”;  “Where did Apple Music get this information? Isn’t RM the one who inspired Jung Kook?”;  “Don’t want to see that name there at all”;  “It is a mistake to include a Big Bang member’s name instead of Nam Joon”;  “Jung Kook is an artist with his own color, his greatest inspirations are probably RM and Army”;  “Is there a way to ask Apple Music to remove that part from his profile? Putting unrelated people in as if they had a big influence on Jung Kook’s career” …

 In response to the controversy, some fans said that Armies are “overreacting”, “being too sensitive”.  Jung Kook became a fan of G-Dragon after listening to the song “Heartbreaker” – the solo hit in 2009 by the leader of Big Bang. During his childhood days, Jung Kook dreamed of becoming a badminton player.  However, because he was a fan of G-Dragon, he began to aspire to become a singer, participating in the Superstar K contest. After this contest, he received an offer to be a trainee in 7 companies, but  chose Big Hit because he was so impressed by how cool RM was. 

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