Sun-ye: “Left Wonder Girls after consulting and apologizing to the members and companies…A debt in my heart for the rest of my life”

Sun-ye, a former Wonder Girls member, mentioned what she said on “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center” and her withdrawal from the group on her SNS.

Sun-ye posted a long post on her Instagram in the morning of Sep 20th, saying, “As there are many opinions about what I said related to my withdrawal from Wonder Girls on ‘Golden Counseling Center’ which I appeared on a while before, I have decided to organize my thoughts to put a stop to this.”

On Sep 2nd, she explained about her concerns related to her child at the “Golden Counseling Center” and said, “The concern I took courage to bring to ‘Golden Counseling Center’ was not about Wonder Girls, but about my child. As you know, the parts related to editing after the recording are definitely outside my jurisdiction, so I can only know the flow of the episode after it is aired,” she explained.

Sun-ye expressed her regret over the direction of the production team’s editing, saying, “Unfortunately, I watched the show and realized it made me look like some kind of an immature mother. I think it was a time for me to learn about broadcasting once again. Whatever it is, there will always be aspects from both sides, so I just understand and pass by,” she said.

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Regarding rumors about her departure from Wonder Girls, she said, “It is true that the story related to Wonder Girls is as sensitive to me and the members as my child’s problem,” adding, “I sincerely want to apologize to those who have been upset and hurt by me. Nevertheless, many have said a lot of different things to me  like, ‘Why did you leave?’, ‘That’s an excuse’ and ‘It’s selfish’. Of course, I think it was a choice made from my selfish mind.”

Sun-ye said, “More than anything else, I had consulted and apologized firstly to my members and the company, who had been through everything with me, and I have a lifelong debt in my heart to my members, my family, and my company for thankfully acknowledging my choice of marriage.”


As for malicious comments, she wrote, “I have nothing more to say to those who continue to attack me with their reckless words. I don’t know what more you want me to do or what more you want to hear from me. I made a selfish choice at the time, but I have nothing more to say to outsiders who approach with unreasonable intentions to know everything about my family’s private life from one to ten.”


Finally, she said, “Those who look at me from a different position and just judge me, and those who say I’m a traitor, are you saying that because your life has collapsed tremendously, or because you have received a great mental shock because of me? Then, from my point of view, is it okay for me to think the same way toward those who were not there when Wonder Girls came back after going to the U.S?” She added, “I would like to explain and finish these meaningless things so that I and the people who support me will no longer have to care about them.”

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