Lee Jung Jae shared his thoughts about Gong Yoo’s appearance as a cameo in “Squid Game”

Actor Lee Jung Jae recently talked about Gong Yoo’s special appearance on “Squid Game”.

In an online interview about Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” (directed by Hwang Dong Hyuk) on the afternoon of September 29, Lee Jung Jae mentioned the special appearance of Gong Yoo in this drama.

lee jung jae gong yoo squid game

“Squid Game” tells the story of people who risk their lives participating in a mysterious survival game in order to become the final winner of 45.6 million won, and Lee Jung Jae played Ki Hoon, a game player.

lee jung jae gong yoo squid game

During the interview, Lee Jung Jae talked about Gong Yoo’s appearance in the drama as a cameo. Immediately after “Squid Game” was released, Gong Yoo made headlines as he appeared at the beginning of the drama. He acted as a game manager who suggested Ki Hoon bet with him in a game of slap-match and slapped Ki Hoon several times.

Regarding the scene when he was slapped by Gong Yoo, Lee Jung Jae said, “All I had to do was getting slapped. Normally, the person who gets hit usually sleeps well, while the person who hit can’t sleep. Gong Yoo found it difficult for him to hit me on the set, so he asked, ‘Should I slap him for real?’ to the director”.

Lee Jung Jae continued, “Acting as a cameo is not easy at all. Even actors who appear throughout the movie may have difficulty leading the situation. Therefore, people who only show up on the screen for a while to make a special appearance would also be under a lot of pressure. When the cameo appears for just a short time, he is pressured to create a funny moment for that scene while trying not to affect the whole team’s work. So, there are many cases when the cameos have more worries than the ones who play the main leads.”

lee jung jae gong yoo squid game

As a result, Lee Jung Jae shared, “Gong Yoo seems to have felt like that. He discussed a lot with the director even during the break. We really enjoyed filming that scene. Since Gong Yoo and director Hwang Dong Hyuk had already worked together for the movie “Silenced”, the atmosphere at the filming set was really comfortable and delightful.”

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” starring Lee Jung Jae is currently available on Netflix.

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