The Director of the Netflix series “Squid Game” revealed the identity of the “salesman” Gong Yoo

The global popularity of Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game” has continued to increase significantly every day.

Recently, Director Hwang Dong Hyuk mentioned the identity of Gong Yoo’s character, who has drawn great attention from netizens for his special appearance in the movie as the “salesman” and the “recruiter” for the game.

While conducting interviews with some media outlets on September 28, Director Hwang Dong Hyuk answered various questions about his drama “Squid Game”. “Squid Game” tells the story of people who risk their lives participating in a mysterious survival game in order to become the last winner of 45.6 billion won.

gong yoo squid game

Immediately after its release, the drama ranked 1st place on various movie charts in many countries around the world and especially topped the U.S Netflix’s ‘Today’s Top 100’, becoming the first Korean series to gain this achievement. At the moment, the “Squid Game syndrome” has not cooled down yet.

While asking and answering various questions, the interviewers mentioned that some movie viewers analyzed that the game participants and the staff were divided according to the color of the ticket they received before the game. Director Hwan responded, “I read many theories made by the viewers, and they seem to be even more creative than I am. Actually, I’ve thought about that before.”

At the beginning of the drama, the recruiter (Gong Yoo) appeared and led the main lead, Sung Ji Hoon (Lee Jung Jae), into participating in the game. This recruiter served as an important connector in the storyline. Therefore, many viewers have wondered what kind of person he was.

gong yoo squid game

In response, Director Hwang explained, “Gong Yoo appeared as a recruiter for the game. In my plan, he’s a game staff that gained trust from his superior and can work outside in public.”

This answer made netizens even more curious about how this man, who was also a ‘pink suit man’ who couldn’t reveal his face, turned out to be trusted with the job as a recruiter. Therefore, they also gave the suggestion of dealing with this question in season 2.

gong yoo squid game

Some netizens showed their responses, saying, “I’m curious about how the ‘pink suit men’ were selected”, “Let’s make a prequel”, “There are lots questions to solve”, “I’m getting more curious about the ‘pink suit’ guys”

Meanwhile, regarding the possibility of producing Season 2, Director Hwan said, “I’ve mentioned before that it’s not easy to make season 2 right away, considering the process of writing the script, producing, and directing.”

He continued, “Many people like the drama, so if I say “no” to season 2, people would think I’m crazy. I had a picture in my mind, but there’s a movie that I already thought of first, so I think I would make this one before considering season 2 of Squid Game”

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