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‘I Live Alone’ beat ‘My Little Old Boy’ and ‘Running Man’ to rank first in ‘October Korean TV Shows’ Brand Reputation’ chart

The result of the ‘October TV Shows’ Brand Reputation’ chart has been released.

On October 2, The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the rankings from 1st to 50th in ‘October Korean TV Shows’ brand Reputation’. 

According to the chart’s result, MBC’s ‘I Live Alone‘ beat SBS ‘My Little Old Boy‘ in second place, SBS ‘Running Man‘ in third place, and MBC ‘Radio Star‘ in fourth place to top this month’s chart.

The ranking is based on analysis of consumer brand participation, media, communication, community index, etc. by extracting 145,95,023 big data of 50 brands of entertainment programs loved by the people from the 2nd of last month to the 2nd of this month.

‘I Live Alone’ recorded a brand reputation index of 6,722,730, showing a huge difference from 2nd place ‘My Little Old Boy’ (5,266,257) and 3rd place ‘Running Man’ (4,300,048).

In addition, compared to last month’s TV Shows’ Brand Reputation Index (5,284,737), the brand reputation index of this show rising by 27.21% and took the first place for two months in a row is receiving a lot of attention from netizens.

Regarding ‘I Live Alone’, which ranked first in this chart, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute said, “In link analysis, ‘return, transform, reveal’ were highly analyzed links, and in keyword analysis, ‘Park Se-ri, Kim Ji-hoon, and Cheon Jeong-myung’ are the main keywords.” “In the positive-negative ratio analysis, the positive ratio came out to be 85.61%,” he explained.

Top 30 Korean TV Shows in the ‘October Korean TV Shows’ Brand Reputation’ chart, ‘I Live Alone’, ‘My Little Old Boy’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Radio Star’, ‘National Singing Contest’, ‘I’m Solo’, ‘The National Singer’ , ‘Knowing Bros’, ‘2 Days 1 Night’, ‘Street Man Fighter’, ‘Girls Hitting Goals’, ‘Europe Outside the Tent’, ‘A Clean Sweep’, ‘Immortal Song 2’, ‘Gayo Stage’, ‘Delicious Guys’, ‘King of Mask Singer’, ‘Backpacker’, ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, ‘Hidden Singer’, ‘Dogs Are Incredible, ‘I Like Tuesday Nights’, ‘The story of the day when the tail was bitten’, ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny’, ‘Animal Farm’, ‘The Return of Superman’, ‘I’m glad we don’t fight’, ‘Midnight Horror Story’, ‘The Butlers’, and ‘Groom’s Class’ were named.

Source: wikitree

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