Leader RM wrote a heartfelt letter to fans ahead of BTS’s 10th debut anniversary, “Many of you may be having difficult times but…” 

RM left a sincere letter to ARMYs ahead of BTS’s 10th debut anniversary.

On April 5th, RM posted a long letter on the fan community platform Weverse that begins with “Hello, everyone. Long time no see”.

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Asking how fans are doing, he also delivered his whereabouts, saying “I’m doing just fine somehow. I’m constantly trying to live in the present”.

RM shared that he is discovering more about himself these days and that he quickly forgets things he wants to say though he has many.

The BTS leader asked, “It’s been 10 years since we debuted in this world. How are you all doing? Are you all doing alright?”


RM added, “I often, no, frequently wonder how you are doing. Your well-being, thoughts, sadness, hopes, and despair, what you believe in now, what you want to believe in, what you follow, and whether you are feeling the seasons well”, asking ARMY more specific questions.

Emphasizing that he mentioned how it was difficult for him to initiate a talk several times before, RM believes that he is just learning to stay silent as he grows older.

RM said, “Many things make me feel sad and yet happy at the same time. Sometimes I feel happy, and other times I just feel sad. I watch old videos of myself while covering my eyes out of embarrassment, but some memories are becoming dull and it’s disappointing, frustrating, and weird. Sometimes I feel confident, but at other times I feel lost. I guess I just want to stay like this”, expressing his honest feelings.

Indirectly mentioning his military service, he said, “I’m curious and afraid of what it will be like after I return


RM confessed, “Time flies really fast. Everything changes, I also change, and I don’t want to ask for or cling to all the love irresponsibly. Instead of looking for love, I want to believe that if I prepare myself with love through effort, love will come naturally.”

He continued, “Our 10th debut anniversary is approaching. It’s sad to think that things become more difficult as time and the dust of the mind accumulate, but in a way, isn’t it because the weight of the heart and the mind becomes heavier? Maybe that’s because the memories we shared are that much bigger.”

Lastly, RM said, “I’ll continue to live well as I always have, reminding myself every day of what was once a part of my life and expressing gratitude to you”.


He wrapped up his letter by saying, “Many of you may be suffering difficult times, I know it’s painful but please take care of yourself. I will be curious about you from time to time. My writing and letters are just my way of expressing love to you at each moment. I think this is how I am right now.”

Reading RM’s letter containing deep concerns, worries, love, and affection for fans, ARMYs were greatly moved.

Meanwhile, BTS will celebrate their 10th anniversary on June 13th. BTS members Jin and J-Hope are currently serving in the military, and other members will also enlist sequentially.

Source: Insight

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