Sandara Park received a limited-edition gift from G-Dragon, but G-Dragon made a big mistake

2NE1 Sandara Park certified the gift she received from singer G-Dragon.

On May 3rd, Sandara Park posted several photos on her SNS account with the caption “Thanks GD“.

The photos showed Sandara Park smiling brightly after receiving clothes and shoes from G-Dragon. G-Dragon recently released limited-edition clothes and shoes in collaboration with a sports brand. He seems to have gifted them to Sandara Park, who was under the same agency with him.

Along with this, Sandara Park posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption “Jiyong ah… San… Sandari Park“. Her name “Sandara Park” was mistakenly embroidered as “Sandari Park” on the clothes G-Dragon gave her as a gift. Besides, Sandara Park added a “thank you” emoticon.

Sandara Park is currently active on entertainment shows such as Channel A’s “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class” and MBC’s “King of Mask Singer”.

Source: Wikitree

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