Top 3 best vocalists in Kpop selected by K-netizens

In addition to their exceptional vocal skills, these idols have a strong mark in the hearts of fans because of the color of the voice is distinctively special.

1. Taeyeon

As one of the top singers in Kpop, until now no idols have been able to beat SNSD‘s lead vocalist. In contrast to her small appearance, Taeyeon owns the vocal of full force but very pleasant to the ear and she’s always able to touch listeners’ heart from the first melody.

2. IU

Considering the high notes, IU is no less talented than Taeyeon. She is also known as the “three high notes” angel when making people get bumps each time she performs “Good Day”. IU has a clear, yet equally powerful voice. Although Kpop has many more great vocal appearances, the name IU is still the trademark of vocals during the past 10 years.

3. Baek Yerin

As a member of 15& and although not being as popular as the two mentioned above, Baek Yerin also owns an exceptional voice in Kpop. Ever since joining Star King, Yerin has been noted for her powerful vocal technique. In particular, Yerin was praised by netizens for her ballad songs and was named “the ballad genius”

In addition to the three female idols mentioned above, netizens were also actively nominating more idols who were believed to possess Kpop’s most distinctive vocals, such as BTS Jungkook, SHINee‘s Onew, OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee, or BTOB‘s Changsub

However, many people are confused when BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is missing in this chart. She is an idol possessing an unique voice, unlike any idol in Kpop, but not many people voted for her. There are people who say Rosé‘s voice is strange and not as beautiful as the voices above, not to mention that Rosé is still underestimated in technical terms.

Possessing a special voice is also a very important factor for the idols to become more prominent and get more attention among a great number of idols in K-pop. The above is the opinion of Korean netizens, and you, what do you comment on the idols who own the most special voices in Kpop?

Source: Yan

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