2023 Genie Music Festival Reveals 1st Lineup With Headliner Zico, Changmo, Wonstein And More

Singer Zico has been selected as the headliner for the 2023 Genie Music Festival

On October 10th, Genie Music unveiled the first lineup of the 2023 Genie Music Festival with Zico as the headliner. A total of 7 performers, including Zico, Giriboy, Changmo, I.M, Leellamarz, Wonstein, and BIG Naughty, were listed in the lineup.

The 2023 Genie Music Festival will be held at KINTEX in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do in two days (December 9th and 10th). Zico, Giriboy, Changmo and I.M will perform on the first day, while Leellamarz, Wonstein, and BIG Naughty will be in charge of the second day.

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Genie Music also provides a playlist through its AI music platform Genie so that fans can enjoy hit songs of the seven artists in the first lineup.

Genie Music’s marketing director Lee Sang-hoon said, “As soon as the first lineup was unveiled, netizens’ interest in the 2023 Genie Music Festival has already heated up and expectations for the additional lineups are also rising”, adding “We will do our best to bring about an exciting festival where fans and the best hip-hop artists can enjoy together”.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Genie Music Festival is a theme park festival planned to allow the audience to forget about winter for a while and enjoy the summer vibe one more time while immersing themselves in hip-hop music. 

Source: Daum

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