A Western singer was asked a difficult question: Who would you choose to collab with, BTS or BLACKPINK?

Recently, in an interview, Ava Max shared about her answer to the above question.

 Ava Max is an American singer and songwriter. Her single “Sweet but Psycho” topped the charts in several countries, helping Ava Max quickly achieve her next success. Recently, Ava Max appeared as a guest artist at Billboard Vietnam’s “Hot Pick” section. Making a comeback this time, the female singer brought fans interesting stories about the album “Heaven & Hell”, known as the first studio album in the female singer’s career.

 Besides, the female artist also talked about her feelings toward the two groups Black Pink and BTS: “I love Black Pink. The girls are so amazing with what they can do. Another great group is BTS.”.  However, when asked to choose only one of the two groups, Ava Max wanted to collaborate with Black Pink: “I think I want to work with Black Pink girls. Things are going to get really crazy. ” The album “Heaven & Hell” is receiving the attention of the public.  In particular, the female singer also feels proud to be able to convey the message of not rushing to judge someone without fully understanding others in this album.  Besides, “empowering women” is still the spirit of Ava Max’s music when she works on her songs.


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