Lisa (BLACKPINK) lives up to her title of the legendary trainee of YG Ent with her excellent performance in ‘Shut Down’

On September 16, BLACKPINK made a successful comeback with the full album ‘BORN PINK’ and the title song ‘Shut Down’. In particular, the youngest member Lisa received a lot of praise from netizens thanks to her growing beauty and talent, worthy of the legendary YG Entertainment trainee title.

Appearing in the MV Shut Down, Lisa made her first impression with a seductive and hip hop set of outfit, exalting her mature and strong beauty.  The youngest member of BLACKPINK shows excellent performances in all three fields of vocal, choreography and rap. 

Lisa’s visual is also said to have grown more and more beautiful in her latest comeback. In the MV Shut Down, the female idol repeatedly made fans admire with her extremely standard 9:1 body rationin a series of bold cut-out outfits.

Lisa can truly handle all kinds of outfits in this comeback. Throughout the MV and photoshoots, Lisa appeared with not only one but multiple sets of outfits, each with a different concept of hairstyle and clothes.

Thanks to the popularity of this comeback, Lisa became the K-pop artist with the most increasing followers in 24 hours with more than 170,000 new followers. Currently, the personal Instagram of the maknae of BLACKPINK owns more than 82.1 million followers.

To get the success today, Lisa has been trying non-stop since before debuting. Lisa is currently still the only Thai female idol of YG Entertainment. Previously, the youngest member of BLACKPINK was compared to a legendary trainee because of her outstanding talents.

Lisa always satisfy fans with her visual and talent. The youngest member of BLACKPINK is a rare female idol who can do well in all 3 positions: singing, rapping and dancing.

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