“Life is Beautiful” ranked #1 in terms of ticket reservation rate: “The fame starts now!”

The movie “Life is Beautiful” (directed by Choi Kook-hee) signaled a box office success. 

According to the Korea Film Council’s KOREA Box-office Information System for movie theater tickets, “Life is Beautiful” topped the overall reservation rate as of 4:22 p.m. on Oct 3rd. 

With a reservation rate of 12.3%, a total of 14,291 people have made their ticket reservations. In second place is “Confidential Assignment 2: International,” which followed closely with a reservation rate of 12.2%. 

Life Is Beautiful

Word of mouth is spreading as people certified “Life is Beautiful” with their “teary shot” on SNS. It is said that the movie left a deep lingering impression with a story that repeats laughter and tears indefinitely. 

Life Is Beautiful

“Life is Beautiful” is the first jukebox musical film in Korea where the main character Se-yeon (played by Yeom Jeong-hwa) and her husband Jin-bong (played by Ryu Seung-ryong) sing about their lives with exciting rhythms and melodies. 

The story begins with Se-yeon’s absurd demand that asks her husband to find her first love for her birthday present. Jin-hong reluctantly travels to the destination of his wife’s past with her throughout the country.

Source: Dispatch

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