27-Year-Old Handsome Actor Passed Away While Filming A Drama, “It’s Cold Right? Be careful when you go“

Four years have passed since the late actor Cha In-ha passed away

On February 3, 2019, Cha In-ha was found dead at his home. He was 27.

At that time, Cha In-ha was appearing in the MBC drama “Love With Flaws.” The sudden sad news broke during the broadcast, shocking the public and his colleagues.

cha in ha

After Cha In-ha’s death, his agency Fantagio made an announcement, saying, “Cha In-ra was an actor with a passion for acting. We still vividly remember him trying to move toward his dream of learning at his own pace.”

“We sincerely cheered and loved Cha In-ha, who always shone brightly with a bright smile. A 27-year-old actor who was exceptionally fond of being called “Cha Star.” His young that never stopped with that goal will remain in our hearts forever,” they said in memory.

In addition, actress Oh Yeon-seo, who worked with Cha in the drama “Love With Flaws,” wrote on her social media, “It’s cold, right? Be careful when you go. Thank you for being my brother,” she mourned. Actor Min Woo-hyuk wrote, “I loved him because he was always bright and working hard, but I didn’t notice his problems despite being his hyung, and I think my heart will break because I didn’t do anything for him.”

Meanwhile, Cha In-ha debuted as a member of Fantagio’s actor group 5urprise U and appeared in dramas “Idol Fever,” “Temperature of Love” and “Wok of Love.”

Source: naver

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