All the rumors come true, YG decide to NOT DEBUT the winner group from MIXNINE

The company’s representative did confirm this news with Korean media.

On May 2nd, Happy Face Entertainment’s representative exclusively shared some news with Newsen newspaper (Korea). The provided information was that the winner group from MIXNINE show won’t make a debut.
Specifically, this representative claimed that the debut plan was canceled because the winner of top 9 contestants – Woo Jin Young will come back to Happy Face to continue his training and wait for another debut opportunity in the future.

Previously, in the last episode of MIXNINE, which was aired on January 26th 2018, the male team was announced to be the winner. The contestants of this team include: Woo Jin Young, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Ru Bin, Kim Byeong Kwan, Choi Hyun Suk, Song Han Gyeom, Kim Min Seok, Lee Dong Hun and Lee Byoung Gon. Even though these boys were the winners, the 2nd rank team (female team) is the team that have received more attention from the media. About the boys, 9 members revealed that after the show ended, they mostly spend time to sleep and eat, rather than prepare for their debut, which was planned to take place in April 2018.
Sometime later, people spread on many Kpop forums the rumors that Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t even care about top 9 finalists. At this time, the members’ companies asserted that since the end of MIXNINE, YG “hasn’t made any move” to push to boys. Therefore, these companies had to sit together and discuss about promotion plans before the contracts start to be valid from April.
Until the end of March, YG hold a conference to suggest that the winner group of MIXNINE will be active for 3 years (instead of 4 months like previous announcement). In that 3 years, each year, 9 members will have 6 months to be promoted by YG, and another 6 months to promote together with their original group in their companies. Of course this suggestion was strongly opposed by other companies, because this contract lasts for too long, it may exhaust 9 members’ mental and physical strength and this agreement will also affect the companies’ developing strategies.
Many people assume that this a clever move by YG to force all the companies to separate MIXNINE winner group members while YG’s reputation won’t be damaged in this issue.

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