Controversy Surrounding Billie Eilish’s Disdain for TikTokers at the People’s Choice Awards

Billie Eilish's actions have sparked a lot of divergent opinions

Recently, Billie Eilish has faced a considerable amount of criticism due to an incident at the People’s Choice Awards ceremony. Specifically, the incident occurred when a TikToker posted a video showing Billie Eilish turning to the person next to her and allegedly saying a phrase, speculated to be read from her lips: “There are so many TikTokers here!”

Billie Eilish

Although neither Billie Eilish nor anyone else has confirmed the content of the statement, through lip-reading, netizens are fairly confident about the message that the “bad guy” singer intended to convey to the person next to her. The male TikToker mentioned above expressed his anger, stating that he and other TikTokers were personally invited by the People’s Choice Awards: “Everyone seated in the area was invited by the PCAs.”

He felt unjustly treated by the famous singer’s apparent discriminatory attitude: “I’ll talk about how Billie Eilish feels disgusted by the presence of TikTokers at the People’s Choice Awards. I am one of them. Bryce Hall, with nearly 24 million followers and nearly 2 billion likes on his channel, is a significant figure in the community.”

After the video spread, many criticized Billie Eilish for her actions. Some believed she was impolite and overly disdainful. However, there were also defenders of Billie Eilish who argued that her words were relatively normal and did not offend anyone.

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