3 generations of female Kpop idols through regular cameras: can BLACKPINK compare to top gen 2 visuals?

Which generation of Kpop boasts the best looks when their photos are taken via regular cameras?

Female Kpop idols have never failed to make headlines for their spectacular visuals and physiques, coupled with their gorgeous hairstyles, makeup, and eye-catching fashion. However, through the lens of regular cameras and without filters and editing, some may look a bit different. Still, certain stars managed to shine either way, and below are some outstanding representatives for 3 generations of Kpop

4th Generation

aespa karina
Karina recently became a hot topic again with her jaw-dropping beauty. The female idol has been compared to CGI since the very first day, and it seems that even through regular cameras, this doesn’t change. In the trending series of photos, the aespa member wore a simple patterned crop-top and denim pants, with pinkish makeup and wavy long hair. 
Jang Won-young
Jang Wonyoung, one of the most notable names of Kpop 4th generation, also shines regardless of regular cameras. Straight or wavy hair, heavy or natural makeup, the IVE member always exudes a chicness rivaled by nobody. Several footage of Wonyoung when she performed at the music festival Kpopflex in Germany, went viral due to her astounding beauty. 
Jang Won-young
Alongside her facial features, Jang Wonyoung is also the talk or town for her unmatched physiques, with extremely long legs. Even when she was 16-years-old, people couldn’t take their eyes off the female idol, with her youthful look yet extremely eye-catching body proportions!
somi doyeon
Last May, Jeon Somi and Weki Meki Doyeon flaunted their physique at an outdoor music event. In denim clothes fitting of the summer, the two female idols’ bodies can easily make all girls jealous.  While Doyeon was wearing cowboy boots and shorts, Jeon So Mi was rocking high heels and long, flared pants. 

3rd Generation

When it comes to visuals, BLACKPINK members have never ceased their charms, regular camera or not. Their appearances are perfect both with heavy makeup (in the case of Lisa) and with natural makeup (in the case of Jisoo). Meanwhile, Jisoo and Jennie’s skin seemed to glow with fairness. 
Irene Red Velvet
Members of TWICE and Red Velvet also do not fall behind. While Nayeon, Tzuyu, and Chaeyeong boasted their fair skin and a signature sweet makeup style, Irene, Wendy, and Joy opted for a more coral tone. Both groups also showed off the most ideal physiques there are. 

2nd Generation 

Of course, 2nd Generation idols are simply undefeatable. Despite having debuted for ages, these female idols seem to have aged backwards. While at the airport, Yoona and IU looked stunning and bright with simple styling. Meanwhile, Suzy dressed up more since she was at an event, and was donning a perfectly alluring red lipstick. 

Source: K14

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