Cho Jin-woong Reviews Offer To Replace Lee Sun-kyun In Drama “No Way Out”

After Lee Sun-kyun dropped out of “No Way Out” due to a drug scandal, Cho Jin-woong was offered the role

On October 30th, Cho Jin-woong’s agency SARAM Entertainment stated, “Cho Jin-woong is considering the offer to appear in ‘No Way Out’”.

“No Way Out” depicts the confrontation between those who want to kill and those who try to survive after a murderer is released from prison and a public open recruitment of murderers with a reward of 20 billion won unfolds. This is the first drama challenge of director Choi Kook-hee, who directed “Default” and “Life is Beautiful”.

Cho Jin-woong

Lee Sun-kyun was originally scheduled to play the role of Baek Joong-sik, a police officer who protects citizens from the murderer, but the actor voluntarily withdrew from the project right ahead of the first shoot after being investigated in a drug case.

On the 23rd, “No Way Out” team said, “It is expected that Lee Sun-kyun will take a considerable amount of time to clear up the situation caused by an unpleasant incident. Therefore, the actor inevitably expressed his intention to withdraw from the project”, adding “After consulting with the actor’s management agency, the production company accepted his position. The filming is still underway as scheduled without delays.”

lee sun kyun g-dragon

On the 28th, Lee Sun-kyun attended the police questioning on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. That day, the actor said, “I sincerely apologize for disappointing many people due to my involvement in such an unpleasant incident. I’m sorry”, adding “Above all, I once again bow my head to apologize to everyone who has trusted and supported me”.

The police are still discussing the schedule for the second questioning, The comprehensive examination of Lee Sun-kyun’s statements and the results from the National Forensic Service will determine the police’s decision to apply for an arrest warrant for Lee Sun-kyun.

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