BTS’s Jimin Surprises Fans with Boyfriend Appearance in Japan

Jimin of BTS revealed his recent status in Japan, captivating the hearts of fans

Recently, Jimin shared two photos on his Instagram, capturing his casual status in Japan.

In one of the photos, Jimin was wearing a beret as he sat in a Japanese restaurant, delicately contemplating the menu with a finger on his lips. Another photo displays his cute and lovable charm in front of a DIOR store.

bts jimin

With his casual yet fashionable attire in the 2 photos, Jimin exuded a youthful “boyfriend” charm, captivating the hearts of fans. Particularly noteworthy was his considerate social media etiquette, as he blurred the faces of ordinary people in street photos.

Following the revelation of the restaurant where Jimin contemplated the menu, the curry specialty restaurant quickly gained popularity on SNS platform X and became a real-time trending topic in Japan. Despite the late hours, local fans continued to visit, confirming its emergence as another popular spot.

bts jimin

Moreover, within just 18 minutes of Jimin posting the photos, he received one million ‘likes’ from fans and the interest over time reached 100% in Google search, showcasing an explosive level of interest.

Source: Nate

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