“Captivating The King” Releases Posters Showing Jo Jung-suk & Shin Se-kyung Facing In Different Moods

Drama “Captivating the King” heralds a romance between Jo Jung-suk and Shin Se-kyung with intense attractions

tvN’s new Sat-Sun drama “Captivating the King” depicts the cruel love story between the humble King Yi In and the woman who becomes a spy to deceive the King for revenge. This fictional historical drama arouses keen interest by taking on the concept of a spy, who hides their identity to gather information and uncover secrets.

Director Jo Nam-guk, who gained recognition for his strong directing skills in “The Good Detective”, and “The Crowned Clown” writer Kim Seon-deok joined hands to portray the cruel fateful narratives of Jo Jung-suk and Shin Se-kyung meeting as King Yi In and the spy (Kang Hee-soo and Kang Mong-woo).

Sejak, The Bewitched

On December 13th, the posters for “Captivating the King” was released, raising higher expectations for the main broadcast. The pictures capture Jo Jung-suk and Shin Se-kyung with contrasting facial expressions and also present the transformation of boundaries that become their fateful attraction toward each other.

In the first poster, Jo Jung-suk and Shin Se-kyung are seen looking at each other in a field where cherry blossom petals flutter. Although the two meet as Crown Prince and Kang Mong-woo, who disguises herself as a man, they become intertwined with each other through the baduk game. However, the distance between them who have no choice but to hide their sorrowful eyes despite the intense feelings they have for each other creates a heartbreaking scene.

In another poster, Jo Jung-suk and Shin Se-kyung raise the tension as they stand against the backdrop of a palace in a chilling atmosphere. In particular, Shin Se-kyung, who returns as a spy to seek revenge, meets Jo Jung-suk, who is now a lonely king, again, intensifying the suspense. As they are now standing close to each other, viewers also anticipate a melodrama story between them. In addition, the phrase, “I hope to live when in love, but wish for death when in hatred”, adds another layer to their unique relationship and stimulates viewers’ curiosity. 

Meanwhile, tvN’s drama “Captivating the King”, starring Jo Jung-suk and Shin Se-kyung, will premiere at 9:20 p.m. on January 21st. They will air episodes 1 and 2 consecutively.

Source: Naver

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