BTS Suga and Jo Se Ho meet on ‘SUCHWITA’, “I think we can wrap it up now”

Broadcaster Jo Se Ho will appear on “SUCHWITA”.

On June 26th, a teaser video for episode 13 of “SUCHWITA” was released through BTS‘ official channel.

The hint about the new guest is “luxury goods”. Jo Se Ho, who is known as a representative luxury good enthusiast in the entertainment industry, made Suga laugh by saying, “I flexed a little.

Jo Se Ho then said, “Do you mind if I take my cardigan off?” Suga, who discovered the “third eye” over Jo Se Ho‘s shirt, caused laughter by dissuading him, “Maybe if you had used some patches…

This recording of “SUCHWITA” was long enough to break the record. Jo Se Ho told a story “It was either in 1990 or 1991. Se Ho was a young boy who loved ballad songs. But, one day! Se Ho went through a heartbreak” and sang “My Love by My Side”. To Suga, who said “I think we can wrap it up now“, Jo Se Ho refused, “No, I can drink some more! Or you can go ahead without me.


He added, “I don’t need anything else. I’m just happy when I hear ‘Isn’t Jo Se Ho so funny?‘”

Hearing this, Suga said, “You’re so funny these days.” Jo Se Ho made everyone laugh once more by responding, “Can you give a specific example? Stop trying to wrap up!

Source: Daum

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