WINNER’s Seungyoon Sweeps Various Military Awards, Met BTS’s Jin

The lively military life of WINNER member Seungyoon has been revealed

On December 2, Seungyoon shared several photos along with the caption, “In line with the year-end awards season, I also received some awards.”

In the photos, Seungyoon, who was on vacation, held two certificates for the Reading and Writing Award and showed a proud smile.

Even when he was a trainee, Kang Seungyoon is known to have a great military life, receiving a citation as an excellent trainee and leading as a representative military trainee.

Seungyoon’s cousin, who attended the completion ceremony for the trainees, expressed affection, saying, “My brother has become a dignified man, receiving a commendation as an outstanding trainee and being selected as a representative trainee. What should I do if he excels in reading books, writing essays, and marksmanship training? I am so proud and impressed that I wanted to brag about him.”

Meanwhile, it is reported that Seungyoon and BTS’s Jin spent 6 weeks of training together. 

Source: Nate

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