ITZY Yuna proves that she’s born beautiful, “I do exercise once every month”

“Hip goddess” ITZY Yuna revealed her exercise routine.

On August 23rd, the Youtube channel of “ELLE KOREA” released an interview video featuring ITZY Yuna. The video shows Yuna answering many questions about her self-management tips.

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First, when asked about the exercise she does these days, Yuna said, “Pilates and breathing”. As the production staff was confused by her answer, they asked her again. In response, Yuna explained, “Breathing exercise doesn’t really feel like an exercise. I just breathe. I don’t just walk. I walk while breathing”. 

She added, “It’s hot outside, so we all just lie down at home, right? But that’ll make you lethargic. If you stay at home, you’ll watch TV, eat, sleep, use your phone, then watch TV again, watch OTT, then Youtube. Even if you’re lazy, if you wake up a bit earlier to exercise, you’ll feel refreshed”.

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However, regarding the question, “Do you exercise every morning?”, the ITZY member shyly replied, “Once every month”, adding “We all should exercise, though. I dance and perform as part of ITZY. But for you guys, please exercise”.

Yuna also shared, “I really love dessert. I feel like I can stop eating only after I eat something sweet after having a meal.”

She then wrapped up the interview by saying “So today, I answered these questions with ‘ELLE’. I hope this satisfied your curiosity, MIDZY (ITZY’s fandom)”.

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Meanwhile, ITZY Yuna previously received the nickname “hip goddess” for her beautiful pelvis line after doing the cover performance of Lee Hyo Ri’s “U-Go-Girl”. She captivated fans by successfully pulling off low-rise pants and her refreshing charm. 

Yuna’s group ITZY received much more love after making their recent comeback with the song “CAKE” on July 31st.

Source: TV Report

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