Jeon So-min reportedly dropping out of tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3” due to foot injury

Actress Jeon So-min made a “big decision” after much consideration.

Jeon So-min’s fans are sad to hear this news.

On Feb 22nd, Star News exclusively reported on Jeon So-min‘s recent situation.

Jeon So-min recently suffered a foot fracture. Although she is currently recovering after receiving hospital treatment, it is reported that it is difficult for her to carry out normal broadcasting activities.

According to the report, Jeon So-min will drop out of tvN’s entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3“, on which she was originally scheduled to appear. tvN’s “Sixth Sense“, which first aired in Sep 2020, gained popularity and was produced until season 3. Season 3 will premiere on Mar 11th.

Regarding this, in an article titled “Jeon So-min, dropping out of Sixth Sense 3… Aftermath of foot fracture injury”, Star News reported, “Jeon So-min initially tried to film the drama and Sixth Sense 3 at the same time. However, due to the foot fracture surgery, all her schedules were postponed.”

The media outlet then added, “Both the production team and the agency tried to coordinate the schedules, but eventually, Jeon So-min was unable to join Sixth Sense 3 due to inevitable schedule adjustment. The first filming of Sixth Sense 3 last week was conducted without Jeon So-min. It is rumored that the production team and members were very sorry for Jeon So-min’s absence.”

Netizens were disappointed when the news of Jeon So-min‘s departure from “Sixth Sense 3” was reported. They also worried that Jeon So-min might drop out of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man“, which she has been participating in for a long time.

Below are several comments posted on the community theqoo on Feb 22nd.

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