Lee Jong Suk called Yoona his wife by mistake right on stage, fans worry IU will get jealous! 

Lee Jong Suk made fans laugh by accidentally calling Yoona his wife at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards.

Lee Jong Suk is currently the hottest name in the Korean entertainment industry for the past week after his dating news with IU was reported and took social media by storm. 

lee jong suk 2022 mbc drama awards

Lee Jong Suk’s recent “Best Couple” Award acceptance speech on the stage of the 2022 MBC Drama Awards with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona also went viral amid his dating news. During his speech, the male star of “Big Mouth” accidentally called Yoona his wife in front of the audience. This is an understandable mistake because Lee Jong Suk and Yoona played a married couple in “Big Mouth”. Still, fans couldn’t help but find it hilarious and even teased Lee Jong Suk for this awkward situation. 

yoona lee jong suk 2022 mbc drama awards
Lee Jong Suk and Yoona won the Best Couple award for “Big Mouth”. Right from the moment they stepped onto the stage, the two stunned with their beautiful looks. At this time, fans were still “shipping” this couple enthusiastically because Lee Jong Suk hasn’t published his relationship with IU yet. 
Lee Jong Suk Yoona
Lee Jong Suk gave his acceptance speech and mentioned Yoona, looking a bit confused 
lee jong suk yoona thumbnail
Lee Jong Suk mistakenly called Yoona his wife on stage. Yoona also laughed at this. 

Immediately after discovering that he mistakenly called Yoona his wife, Lee Jong Suk showed a confused expression, making everyone laugh. Despite teasing Lee Jong Suk, fans are still aware that it was simply a funny mistake. 

IU-Lee Jong Suk thumbnail
Fans keep bringing up IU and teasing Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is always calm in all situations, showing a professional attitude because he has been active in the entertainment industry for a long time. So this was a rare time he was caught being all confused and looking awkward on stage. Fans are guessing that maybe he was worried his girlfriend IU would get jealous by this mistake? 

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