“I was in the same army company with Lee Jong-suk…got the chance to look back at his personality”

A netizen who trained alongside actor Lee Jong-suk at the army training camp got the attention for his post regarding the actor. 

On Dec 6th, an article titled “Story of being in the same Nonsan company as actor Lee Jong-suk was posted on the website FMKorea. The writer said, “I entered Nonsan, and I saw Lee Jong-suk almost every day for four weeks because I was in the same company as him,” adding, “After about three days, the news spread to all of the company and two weeks later, all of our regiment knew about it. Lee Jong-suk’s squad was in charge of cleaning the bathroom, and our dorm was in front of the bathroom, so I saw Lee Jong-suk clean it,” he said. “Some trainee once blocked the toilet and has asked if Lee Jong-suk could help him.”

Lee Jong-suk personality

He said, “Our squad leader is a man who keeps up with trends, so he contacted Lee Jong-suk in advance and gave him snacks he bought at the PX to get his autograph. Two days before completion, I went to Lee Jong-suk’s dormitory and received an autograph. It turned out that most of our company members had received his autograph.”

He also conveyed many good stories about Lee Jong-suk. The writer said, “Lee Jong-suk was in the public service, but he didn’t miss any training and even joined in every march. I didn’t think much about Lee Jong-suk before, but my perception regarding him has improved,” he said. “I thought Lee Jong-suk was an actor of A or B tiers at least, but he didn’t get any e-letters.”

Lee Jong-suk personality

Lee Jong-suk has been filming tvN drama “Big Mouse” since he was discharged from the military in January. “Big Mouse” is a story about a 10% winning rate living lawyer who got assigned a homicide case by chance and accidentally became a genius scammer overnight, through which he digs into the bare face of the privileged.

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