BTS V Celebrates Birthday Early With Na PD & Park Seo-joon And Expresses Excitement For His Enlistment

PD Na Young-seok and actor Park Seo-joon held an early birthday party for BTS’s V before his enlistment

On December 8th, the YouTube channel “channel fullmoon” uploaded a new video showing PD Na Young-seok (Na PD) preparing a surprise birthday party for BTS’s V, who will join the military before his birthday (December 30th). Na PD planned to make a lunch box with seaweed soup, braised ribs, heart-shaped pancakes, japchae, and desserts for V.

Na PD and actor Park Seo-joon gathered at 11 a.m. on the day of the party and started cooking. Park Seo-joon was eagerly preparing a celebration for V although his birthday (December 16th) is earlier than V’s. Hearing that, Na PD laughed and said, “I’ll treat you to a meal”.

Upon arriving at the location for V’s CF photo shoot, Na PD and Park Seo-joon started setting up the table in the waiting room. The two looked nervous as they hoped the surprise party would be successful. 

As soon as V showed up after completing the shoot, Na PD and Park Seo-joon sang “Happy early birthday”. Surprised by the unexpected event, V wondered, “How did you know my schedule?”. While V was enjoying the meal, Park Seo-joon commented, “I think this is how mothers feel. I’m happy to see him eat deliciously”.

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Na PD then explained the reason he decided to prepare a birthday party for V. He said, “There are many things that made me want to express my gratitude to you but it is sometimes a little embarrassing to express it in words. But if I don’t say it to you today, it might be difficult to do so for a while later. That’s why I’m here”.

He continued, “I’m grateful to Tae-hyung (V’s real name) for many reasons. I really appreciate this friend, who has little experience with variety shows but still agreed to appear on our program. Among so many memories we made, the most unforgettable moment was the third shooting day of ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’. You were very busy all day but you endured such a challenging schedule. V did express his frustration and complained to me a bit, but since we went all the way to Mexico, he continued playing the role of the youngest member of the team. As a PD, I was very grateful for that.”

Park Seo-joon then recalled his first time meeting V through the drama “Hwarang” and revealed that V approached him first. V added, “I asked you to teach me how to act and you gave me a lot of advice”. The two also mentioned many of their past memories together. 

Later, when asked if there was anything about Park Seo-joon that he appreciated, V replied, “There are too many. I’m thankful that he treats me as a friend despite our 7-year age gap.”

V is busy finishing all his schedules before the upcoming enlistment schedule. Knowing the feelings of fans, V also left a short message, saying “I know there should be something for you guys to watch before and after I go and until I return. I promise that you won’t be bored while waiting for me”. He continued, “I’m actually very excited to enlist. I’ve been waiting for this since I was young. It’s like a new experience for me and I want to try it as soon as possible. I believe that it will have a good impact on my growth.”

When Na PD admired V’s positive mindset about military service, V said, “My dad always told interesting stories about the military so I thought it would be great if I could go there and experience it at least once in my life.”

Source: Daum

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