The coffin in Squid Game is inspired by BLACKPINK, according to the director!

What the director of Netflix’s hit Squid Game recently revealed has startled BLACKPINK fans.

The hit series Squid Game seems to have bits of the K-pop group BLACKPINK everywhere. Recently, in a commentary video uploaded by Netflix, Squid Game’s director revealed that he got the inspiration from BLACKPINK to come up with the coffins for the dead bodies of the losers in the survival game.

The black coffins with pink ribbons are inspired by the famous girl group

The director shared that because the outfits of the game’s “managers” are pink with black masks, he wanted to match those tones, like BLACKPINK, by creating a black coffin with a pink ribbon. It seems that the director is a big fan of the K-pop girl group.

BLACKPINK was unexpectedly mentioned by the director

Earlier, on September 25, BLACKPINK’s Jennie showed on Instagram a gift set she received from the Squid Game’s production crew, including the game’s signature green tracksuit and the creepy doll as seen in the drama. The doll also makes a counting sound when pressing the button, which is very cool. Jennie’s name also appears in the credits of Squid Game because she visited the set to support actress Jung Ho Yeon.

The unique gift Jennie received from Squid Game
The unique gift Jennie received from Squid Game

Netizens can’t help but laugh at the director’s reference to BLACKPINK. If he added another scene where the person in the coffin gets up to sing a BLACKPINK’s song in the series, it would make the audience even more terrified.

Netizens’ comments:

  • When I saw the black coffin with a pink ribbon, I also thought of BLACKPINK in your area.
  • The director is also a Blink (BLACKPINK’s fandom).
  • Director-nim, please invite BLACKPINK members to appear as cameos in season 2.
  • If there were a scene where a loser gets up from the coffin and sings BLACKPINK in your area, I would faint right away.
  • The color of the workers’ outfits already made me feel suspicious.
  • Watching Squid Game really reminds me of BLACKPINK, the color tones are all black and pink. 2 opposite colors but when combined they give off aesthetic yet creepy vibes.

Squid Game still currently tops Netflix trending in many countries.

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