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Hwang Chi Yeul: “Kwon Eun Bi, an easy-going personality with a doll-like appearance, a younger sister I adore”

Hwang Chi Yeol expressed his affection for Kwon Eun Bi.

In SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on November 10th, singer Hwang Chi Yeol appeared as the special DJ, and singers Kwon Eun Bi, Lee Chae Yeon, and Jo Yu Ri from the group IZ*ONE appeared as guests.

When asked if this was her first time seeing the IZ*ONE members after a long time, Kwon Eun Bi replied, “We are very comfortable with each other because I saw Yu Ri at the shop this morning and my schedule overlaps a lot with Chae Yeon on music shows.” She also mentioned “Cultwo Show” as “her home” as it was her third time appearing on the show.

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When asked about the reaction to her new song “Underwater,” Kwon Eun Bi said, “People around me are giving hot reaction that it’s so good. I might even think that it would still be hot even if I did nothing,” she said.

Hwang Chi Yeol then joked that the reaction was so hot that he “burned his hand.” Seeing Hwang Chi Yeol’s reaction, Kim Tae Kyun asked, “What did Eun Bi and Chi Yeol do together?” Hwang Chi Yeol corrected, “I’m close to Eun Bi.”

The composer who wrote Hwang Chi Yeol’s “A Daily Song” is also the one who worked on Kwon Eun Bi’s songs.

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Hwang Chi Yeol said, “I met her when I went to see the composer, and I thought she would do well because she worked so hard on it,” adding, “I thought she wouldn’t be easy-going, but she was such an easy-going person. She is my favorite little sister. Her face looks like a doll, but her characteristic is easy-going,” he praised Kwon Eun Bi.

Source: Daum

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