Similarities between the extramarital affair of SK Group chairman and K-drama “Eve”

“I want to take care of her and our child…” was the public statement made by SK Group chairman when he admitted to having a mistress and a love child.

The story told in Seo Ye Jin’s 2022 drama “Eve” has reminded many viewers of a shocking adultery and divorce scandal in the Korean chaebol world. 

SK Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Korea. Chey Tae Won, born in 1960, the chairman of SK Group was married to Roh So Young, born in 1961, the daughter of the late Korean President Roh Tae Woo.

eve - SK group
Chey Tae Won – the son of the chairman of SK Group and Roh So Young – the daughter of Korean President Roh Tae Woo.

Chey Tae Won and Roh So Young met while studying in the US and got married in 1988. The marriage between two powerful families without doubt benefited SK Group.  In 1998, Chey Tae Won took over as chairman of SK Group. He was jailed for fraud and embezzlement of public funds in 2003 and 2014.

eve - SK group

After being released from prison in 2015, Chey Tae Won admitted to the media that he was having an affair. He confessed, “My marriage wasn’t easy. While we were discussing a divorce, I met a person who helped me overcome difficulties. I dreamed of starting a life together with her. I then got a baby a few years ago. I don’t expect to receive blessings, but I hope to at least be able to take care of her and our child.” 

Chey Tae Woo’s mistress is reportedly a divorced Korean-American woman named Chloe Kim. The two met in 2003 and had a daughter together.

eve - SK group

After Chey Tae Woo’s shameful confession, Roh So Young filed for divorce. Previously, Chey Tae Woo had also proposed a divorce but was not accepted by Roh So Young. The two conducted divorce proceedings with Roh So Young asking for a compensation of nearly half of Chey Tae Woo’s shares in SK Group (equivalent to 1.3 trillion KRW). 

“I used to dream of a happy family, but now I have completely given up on that,” Roh So Young bitterly said.

eve - SK group

Making countless headlines, this divorce case has yet to come to an end. In April of this year, SK Group Chairman Chey Tae Won was banned from selling his shares until the lawsuit is over.

In the drama “Eve” which revolves around a 2000 billion KRW divorce lawsuit, president Yoon Gyeom also married the daughter of a powerful family. Thanks to the marriage, LY Group developed strongly. Seo Ye Ji’s character Lee Ra El is similar to Chloe Kim. They are both beautiful and talented mistresses who ruin other women’s married lives. 

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