EXO’s Chen suddenly criticized after bandmate Sehun got caught up in rumors of premarital pregnancy 

Chen, a father of two, is accused of being the reason why Sehun received negative comments in the pregnancy rumors. 

Recently, the K-pop community has been abuzz with rumors of EXO Sehun’s girlfriend being pregnant. Although Sehun and SM Entertainment have shut down this rumor, some Korean fans and netizens are blaming EXO’s Chen for the controversy.


According to some fans, Chen’s marriage and fatherhood have made the topic of pregnancy sensitive for EXO’s reputation. As a result, when Sehun was rumored to be becoming a father, he faced a lot of teasing and mockery, with comments such as “pregnancy before marriage is a trend in EXO” and “this is not surprising given that a member already did it” being thrown around.

These fans even go so far as to demand that Chen leave the group to spare the remaining members from further harassment.

sehun fan

However, not all fans agree with this argument. Many feel that it is unfair to blame Chen for the controversy, as he has been doing his job well as a member of EXO and as a solo artist, despite his family responsibilities. Moreover, the issue of fans invading the personal lives of idols is a broader one, and cannot be pinned solely on one member.

Source: k14. 

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