EXO Sehun expresses frustration at the false rumors of premarital pregnancy, “A woman pretended to be my girlfriend”

EXO Sehun directly revealed his position after becoming a victim of absurd premarital pregnancy rumors.

On March 28th, Sehun made a post on his Instagram Story, saying “Ridiculous articles have been circulating on the Internet since a few days ago and I thought that I should take legal action to correct them”.


He continued, “As fans already know, there was a woman who pretended to be my girlfriend from a few years ago. I heard she made SNS posts and wrote things as if she were my lover, but I really don’t know who she is and irrelevant things have become such big issues”

Sehun then firmly said, “I’m telling you for sure that I’m not the person in all the pictures and writings that are spreading on the Internet”.


Earlier on the 27th, a post titled “Photo posted by Sehun’s non-celebrity girlfriend” spread on online communities with a witness claiming that Sehun went to an OB/GYN clinic, sparking premarital pregnancy rumors. The woman said to be Sehun’s girlfriend even posted photos of an EXO concert and a man who looked like Sehun.

Shortly after then, Sehun’s agency SM Entertainment announced their plan to take legal action against such fake news. The agency said, “Rumors about Sehun that have been circulating online are completely groundless. It is an obvious criminal act of distributing malicious content that is not true.”

Source: Daum

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