EXO Sehun faces premarital pregnancy rumor with non-celebrity girlfriend, witness accounts from maternity clinic

EXO Sehun has been embroiled in rumors of getting his non-celebrity girlfriend pregnant prior to marriage.

Recently, a post titled “The photo posted by Sehun’s non-celebrity girlfriend” was uploaded on various online communities.


In the photo, a man, believed to be EXO Sehun, was sitting, flaunting his signature square shoulders. The girl even showed off her affection with the caption “With a man like a gift ♥”.

The photo was reportedly posted on SNS by a non-celebrity woman, who fans allegedly know as Sehun’s girlfriend.

The woman also uploaded a photo to her KakaoTalk profile background that suggests she may be pregnant, along with a heart. She also shared photos of herself attending an EXO concert.


Earlier, on a mom cafe site, there were posts claiming to have seen a male idol at a maternity clinic on March 20th. Later, a Twitter account claimed that the idol was Sehun.

However, with the release of these related photos, rumors of Sehun and his non-celebrity girlfriend’s premarital pregnancy have gained more weight.


Netizens responded with comments such as, “Is premarital pregnancy a trend among EXO members?”, “It’s not surprising since another EXO member already did it”, “It clearly looks like Sehun’s shoulder”.

SM Entertainment has not made any official statement on the matter.

Source: wikitree

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