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LE SSERAFIM Kim Chae-won, “I’m slow in dating. Dating someone who is too passionate in love would be very burdensome” (Love Recall)

LE SSERAFIM member Kim Chae-won will appear on “Love Recall” as a one-day Recall planner.

The new episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Love Recall”, which is scheduled to air on October 10th, will reveal the story of a Recall man under the theme “The proper distance in love”.

The Recall man in this broadcast recalls his breakup with his ex (X), who is two years older than him and became his lover after they met each other by chance at the birthday party of an acquaintance. The Recall man is confident that he was very nice to X and took good care of her. However, the two often argued because of their opposite tendencies.

Kim Chae-won

Unlike X, who needed time alone apart from their dates, the Recall man always wanted to be with X. X liked to rest at home but the Recall man enjoyed hanging out. While X is a person who minimizes her SNS messages and calls, the Recall man wanted to contact her all the time. In short, the two have completely different personalities. 

Kim Chae-won

In addition, the Recall man was quite active in expressing his love, but X couldn’t show her emotions as much as the Recall man because of her reserved personality. While trying to understand X, the Recall man started to feel upset about her. On the show, he recalls the time when he was still dating X, saying “Not only our tendencies were opposite, the size and speed of love to each of us were also not the same”.

Kim Chae-won

The Recall planners are also surprised and frustrated upon hearing the love story of the Recall man and X, who have different dating styles. Jang Young-ran says, “In reality, many couples have broken up because of this problem”, expressing her sympathy. Sung Yu-ri adds, “There are so many couples like this around us”.

Kim Chae-won

LE SSERAFIM member Kim Chae-won, who appears as a one-day Recall planner, honestly shares, “I’m also the style who is slow in dating. That’s why I can understand X. It would be very burdensome for those like us to date someone who is too enthusiastic in love like the Recall man”. In addition, Kim Chae-won is said to have enriched the talks with other Recall planners by revealing the dating methods of MZ Generation people nowadays. 

Source: Daum

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