Kim Go Eun’s “Little Women” is off to a great start with promising ratings and positive reviews 

Marking Kim Go Eun’s 2nd drama comeback of the year after “Yumi’s Cells”, “Little Women” is drawing keen attention. 

tvN’s new Sat-Sun drama “Little Women” is adapted from the classic period novel of the same name by American author Louisa May Alcott. In the K-drama version, the setting is changed to modern times and the number of sisters is reduced (from 4 to 3). However, it still explores the emotional journey of growth centering on small but resilient women. 

Little Women

In the first two episodes, the K-drama version of “Little Women” introduces various changes compared to the original, all of which are gaining much praise. Combined with excellent acting and directing, “Little Women” is off to a very promising start. According to Nielsen Korea, episode 1 of the drama recorded an average nationwide rating of 6.4% and increased to 7.7% in episode 2, ranking 1st place across all dramas on cable channels in its time slot. 

Viewers left comments showing how impressed they were with the premiere of “Little Women”: 

  • The first two episodes are so intense. I can’t wait to see how the story plays out. A smart script and not to mention how perfect the cast is.
  • The changes and additions by the writer are very interesting. Turning “Little Women” into a mystery drama is worth the anticipation. Kim Go Eun’s acting really stands out. 
  • From the story, acting, to cinematography, everything is perfect. “Little Women” is going to be a hit. 
  • There are many scenes in the first 2 episodes that made me go “wow”.
Little Women

In the first two episodes, “Little Women” introduces viewers to the background of the three sisters Oh In Joo (Kim Go Eun), Oh In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun), and Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hoo). They grow up in a poor family. The two big sisters have to work extremely hard to make a living and take care of the maknae who is in high school. Life can’t get any easier when they have an ignorant and greedy mother. 

Little Women
Little Women

The oldest sister In Joo is at the center of both episode 1 and 2. Being isolated at the company, her only friend is Hwa Young, who is always willing to help her out. All of a sudden, Hwa Young is found dead in her apartment after presumably committing suicide. Hwa Young left In Joo 2 billion won in cash inside a locker, leaving In Joo in shock. Hwa Young hopes that In Joo’s wish to live comfortably with her sisters can be fulfilled. This marks the beginning of In Joo’s completely changed life. 

Source: K14

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