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Actress Uhm Jung Hwa, “I don’t eat snacks when drinking. Low carb meals and abs workouts are my secrets to staying young”

Singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa revealed how she takes care of her body.

On May 7th, Elle Korea uploaded on their official Youtube channel a video titled “Mentioned at least 10 times in one video! ‘Doctor Cha’ Uhm Jung Hwa‘s secret to her beauty?”.

uhm jung hwa

When asked about her soul food, Uhm Jung Hwa said, “After I feel sick or unwell, I feel like eating an apple. It’s like my body wants it. Once I eat the apple, I feel like I’m healthy again”. Picking bean paste stew as her soul food, the actress, who used to undergo surgery for thyroid cancer, shared, “If I’m feeling out of it or out of energy, it’s like… When I’ve had a lot of wine, it’s like my body needs it. In those cases, I cook some bean paste stew on my own. You have to cook the rice along with it. When I’m drinking, I try as much not to eat snacks. If I eat snacks, will I lose my abs?”

uhm jung hwa

In response to the question, “What’s your go to exercise?”, Uhm Jung Hwa immediately replied, “Abs workouts!”. She continued, “I think I’ve been filming for about one and a half years, so in order to regain my muscles, I’ve been working out consistently. Arms, abs and hip thrusts!”. 

The actress also showed her extraordinary affection for abs exercise by choosing it as her secret to being young. She explained, “When I’m filming, I can’t go on a low carb-high fat diet, however, once the filming is over, I do the low carb-high fat diet. Chicken breasts and vegetables. I keep an eye on how many grams I’m eating. I also do intermittent fasting. Keeping my meal timings as far as possible can keep you feeling young. Is that why I seem young?”.

uhm jung hwa

Regarding the drama she was recently into, Uhm Jung Hwa shouted JTBC’s “Doctor Cha”. She added, “I hope you can enjoy watching how Cha Jung Sook grows and her choices in life.”

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa plays the leading role of Cha Jung Sook in the ongoing drama “Doctor Cha”.

Source: Naver

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