Monika explained why she intensely asked NOZE to look at her face during the broadcast of “Street Woman Fighter”

PROWDMON Monika expressed her feelings about what she said to NOZE on “Street Woman Fighter”

On September 22, Monika and Gabi appeared on Mnet’s “TMI NEWS’ as guests. They are the 2 dancers who are currently competing in Mnet’s survival show “Street Woman Fighter“.

Street Woman Fighter

While talking about her “intense remarks”, Monika mentioned what she said to NOZE during the broadcast of the show.

At that time, NOZE picked Monika as the worst dancer. Upon hearing the result, Monika savagely said to NOZE, “Look straight at my face”.

Street Woman Fighter
Street Woman Fighter

The viewers were really surprised by Monika’s intense expression. Therefore, since then, this scene has been brought up in many discussions on the online communities.

When recalling the situation, Monika explained, “I hoped other people would try to look me in the eye. I didn’t mean to scold her. I just wanted NOZE to call me “I choose Monika” confidently.”

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She said, “The attitude of bowing down while talking to me is kinda… I hope they wouldn’t ever do that. Therefore, I could also compete in this game with all my best.”. Monika explained that because they were in a battle, she wanted everyone to face her confidently.

Street Woman Fighter

In addition, she added, “I did ask NOZE for sure if she was going to snap at me. If so, I could snap at her either.”. In response to Monika’s story, the cast members expressed their admiration for her inner thoughts.

Suddenly, Gabi said, “Isn’t it still scary anyway?”, making everyone burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”, starring Monika and Gabi, is aired every Tuesday at 10:20 PM KST.

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