T-ara Former Member Announced Divorce And Re-marriage At The Same Time, Old And New Husband’s Identities Are Kept Secret

T-ara’s former member Areum announced her divorce and remarriage at the same time

Areum made a lengthy post on her social account on December 10 to reveal that she is currently filing for divorce.

The former idol said she dated a precious and grateful person who came to her when she had a hard time. Areum planned to register her marriage as soon as the divorce lawsuit was over, adding, “I promised to marry him,” adding “I promised to achieve our dream together and establish an Areum Foundation to help many children.

T-ara Areum

Regarding the divorce, she said, “I was in a divorced situation for a few years, but I haven’t been able to legally do it. I don’t think long words are needed. I don’t need to think about ugly things or stupid articles about that person,” adding, “I only think of good things, and I will forget the things that hurt.

Areum also said, “I’m going to ride a train without a final stop to happiness. The future is important, so you don’t have to worry. Haters who don’t know what’s going on will be criminally punished. I’m also grateful and grateful for your support and love.”

Meanwhile, Areum married a non-celebrity businessman who is two years older than her in 2019 and they have two children together. Last year, she appeared in the original TVing show, “Between Marriage and Divorce,” and shared about her conflict with her husband.

Source: Newsen

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