Daughter of the late Choi Jin Sil released post-op photos: A sign of regret? 

Choi Joon Hee, daughter of Choi Jin Sil, surprised fans with an unexpected makeover. 

On February 27th, daughter of the late Choi Jin Sil, Choi Joon Hee, announced her cosmetic surgery out of the blue. Around one week ago, Joon Hee unabashedly revealed her decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery because she was not happy with her previous operation. 

choi jin sik
choi jin sik

In the released photo, Choi Joon Hee showed obvious swelling and expressed her regret post-op: “It’s my birthday two days later, but I’m an idiot who had surgery today. I couldn’t go out and slurp seaweed soup at home. Why didn’t I count my birthday and set the date like an idiot?” 

To this information, fans were taken aback as they believed most people undergoing surgery would not post photos of themselves right away and usually hide this piece of information. 

choi jin sik

Not long ago, Joon Hee shared her operation plan: “It’s been over two years since I had double eyelid surgery, but every time I look at my eyes, I feel like this isn’t it.” She also revealed that she was not happy with her previous nose job. Therefore, Joon Hee wanted to change her eyes and nose. 

choi jin sik

In her previous vlog, Choi Joon Hee also affirmed she would do a video documenting the whole surgery process. She stressed that she did not do the video for others to follow her, but urged viewers to consider her cosmetics as an investment for her face. 

Source: Sports Chosun, Spotv News

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