Shin Hyun-bin in talks to have a romance with Jung Woo-sung in new drama “Say You Love Me”

Actress Shin Hyun-bin has been selected as the female lead in Jung Woo-sung’s comeback drama, a remake of the Japanese series “Say You Love Me”.

According to reports on the morning of May 15th, Shin Hyun-bin has been cast as Jung Woo-sung’s partner in “Say you Love Me”. Therefore, drama fans are raising high expectations for Shin Hyun-bin, who has been recognized for her acting skills through “Hospital Playlist” and “Reflection of You”, to show a new face through this new project.

Shin Hyun-bin

This is a drama based on the Japanese drama “Say You Love Me”, which aired on TBS in 1995. It depicts the love story between a deaf and an aspiring actress. Jung Woo-sung will play a deaf painter in his 30s, while Shin Hyun-been takes on the role of an aspiring with a refreshing personality who falls in love with the painter.

Regarding the news, Shin Hyun-bin’s agency – Yooborn Company said, “It is true that the actress was offered the role, but it is just one of the works she is reviewing”. They also explained that the offer is still under discussion and some specific issues have not been decided.

Shin Hyun-bin

“Say You Love Me” is drawing attention as it will be Jung Woo-sung’s first official comeback on the small screen after about 10 years. In particular, high expectations were raised for the person who would be his partner.

Earlier, Shin Hyun-bin appeared together with Jung Woo-sung in the movie “Beasts Clawing at Straws”. At the time it was released in 2020, Shin Hyun-bin appeared on a radio program and was asked about her impression of Jung Woo-sung. In response, the actress said, “He actually shines with his aura. He’s really cool”.

Shin Hyun-bin got praised for her appearance in the movie as Mi-ran, a woman whose family collapsed due to debts. If she confirms her appearance in the new drama, she will reunite with Jung Woo-sung and be his partner, raising fans’ curiosity about the chemistry they will create.

Shin Hyun-bin

Meanwhile, Jung Woo-sung is set to release the films “Hunt” and “A Man of Reason”. Shin Hyun-bin appeared in drama “Monstrous”, which was released on TVing last month.

Source: Daum

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