Former Miss A’s Chinese member Fei shared her honest thoughts about Suzy

Fei recently mentioned Suzy in an interview.

On September 13th, a post including the content that former Miss A’s Chinese member Fei mentioned Suzy in a recent interview was uploaded on the Korean online community theqoo.

Regarding Suzy, Fei said, “The other three (Min, Jia, Fei) had a long trainee period. Suzy only trained for 10 months before debut. Suzy put a lot of effort into matching us.”


When asked “What do you think about Suzy’s success? A lot of people knew Miss A thanks to Suzy”, Fei responded, “Suzy is cool. It’s good that she’s doing well. Suzy worked really hard. JYP wanted Suzy to ‘do her best’. In the end, many people know Miss A, so that’s a good thing.”

Korean netizens who watched Fei’s interview left comments such as “That’s a wise answer”, “Fei was also popular” and “I like Fei.”

Fei Suzy

Miss A debuted in 2010 under JYP Entertainment. The group released various hit songs such as “Bad Girl Good Girl”, “I Don’t Need a Man”, “Only You”, “Hush”, “Goodbye Baby”…

Fei Suzy

However, during Miss A’s promotions, the members gradually began to focus more on individual activities. In Dec 2017, Miss A eventually disbanded.

Source: Wikitree

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