Ahn Eun-jin, Hyeri, Choi Soo-jong: Stars Involved In “Casting Controversy” But Proved Their Talents

These stars proved the controversies wrong with overwhelming acting skills

In the latest episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” which aired on December 6, Ahn Eun-jin mentioned the controversy over her casting for “My Dearest.” The controversy erupted after the news she was casted as the female lead was revealed. Regarding this, Ahn said, “I acted in a drama called “The Good Bad Mother” before “My Dearest.” I was so sick by the end of this show. I took a month off because I wasn’t feeling well before the filming of “My Dearest.”

She confessed about having a hard time, saying, “In such a situation, the pressure of being casted in ’My Dearest’ overlapped my sickness. I was taking a shower at home after reading the script, and at that time I thought I wanted to run away. Still, I thought I would grow a lot when the show is over.”

Ahn added, “I was encouraged during my acting. I was upset as I didn’t receive viewers’ support, but I had a lot of thoughts on how to express my role. I thought viewers would support me if I did it well.”

Hyeri was also embroiled in a controversy over being casted for her role in “Reply 1988” as an idol-turned-actress. “I tried to narrow the gap between the character and the actress’ personality as much as possible. That’s why I cast Hyeri,” producer Shin Won-ho said of the casting. “Hyeri was the motif of her role, Sung Deok-seon. When I looked at Hyeri, I thought, “That’s what Deok-seon would do. Hyeri was the only Deok-seon.”


In fact, the controversy over Hyeri’s casting faded after the show, as she showed perfect synchronization with the role. Actor Lee Dong-hwi, who acted with her in the drama, also appeared on an entertainment program and praised Hyeri’s acting skills, saying, “I didn’t worry about anything when I read the script with her once or twice. There was a reason why the director cast Hyeri.”

Actor Choi Soo-jong, known as the master of historical dramas, was also embroiled in a controversy over his casting. During the filming of the drama “Taejo Wang Geon,” Choi was criticized for not being compatible with his role due to his round face and double eyelids. However, he put the criticism to rest with his extraordinary acting skills after “Taejo Wang Geon” began broadcast. “Taejo Wang Geon” was so popular that it recorded the highest ratings of 60.5% at the time.

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