G-Dragon Deletes YG’s Website Link From YouTube Profile, Officially Leaving YG?

Big Bang’s G-Dragon seems to have completely parted ways with YG Entertainment

On November 29th, the link to YG’s official website was already deleted from G-Dragon’s official YouTube channel profile.

G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with YG expired in June. At that time, YG said, “Our exclusive contract with G-Dragon has expired but we are still working on other activities such as advertising through a separate contract”, adding “ We will discuss additional contracts when he resumes music activities, and YG will do our best to support him.”

However, when the news of G-Dragon being booked on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act broke out last year, YG quickly drew a line, saying “It’s hard for us to confirm the news because he’s no longer our artist”. In addition, YG recently updated their official website and removed G-Dragon from the Artist Profile.

As such, G-Dragon has also begun to cut relations with YG, the company that he had been with for more than 20 years, by removing YG’s name from his profile. YG is still listed as G-Dragon’s agency on portal sites, but it’s also expected to change soon.

g dragon

G-Dragon already tested negative in not only the simple drug test but also the detailed drug examinations by the National Forensic Service. The female director of an entertainment establishment who reported G-Dragon’s drug use also changed her statement, saying “I’ve never seen him take drugs”. 

g dragon

Meanwhile, G-Dragon seems to have started preparing for his comeback as he recently posted a video of a “new song” on his SNS account.

Source: Nate

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