Overcoming Drug Allegations, G-Dragon Hints at New Song Release?

At a crucial point as his drug investigation is coming to an end, G-Dragon posted this

On November 28th, G-Dragon uploaded a video on his channel, featuring him singing ‘OUTRO. New Song,’ released in 2017. In the video, G-Dragon asked, “Who am I?”

The video captures G-Dragon’s moments on stage. The musical segment is paired with a reference to “La divina commedia” (The Divine Comedy), an Italian epic poem written between 1308 and 1321.

Reposting old music seems to suggest that G-Dragon might be dropping hints for his much-anticipated comeback that he promised earlier this year.

g dragon

In January, he hinted at a comeback, “I plan to meet you through various activities this year. Album preparation is also underway.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s drug investigation is reaching its end.

g dragon

Based on the statement of club manager A in Gangnam, Seoul, the police suspect G-Dragon of taking drugs at the entertainment venue in December of the previous year and initiated an investigation. 

However, G-Dragon has consistently denied drug use from the beginning, “I have not taken drugs. Also, the news reports on ‘violation of drug control laws’ are unrelated.” 

g dragon

In various tests conducted, including rapid tests and detailed examinations, he received negative results. Consequently, the police did not extend G-Dragon’s expired travel ban, lifting the restriction. After the initial police questioning, G-Dragon conveyed his denial of drug allegations through a declaration of innocence.

g dragon

In the midst of this, the police recently decided not to extend the travel ban against G-Dragon, who received consecutive negative results in drug tests. It has been just about a month since he was named a suspect and became subject to travel restrictions.

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