Shin Dong-yeop Called This 45-year-old Idol The Youngest Looking Korean Celebrity

Shin Dong-yeop admired Eun Ji-won’s young appearance.

The latest episode of tvN’s variety show “Amazing Saturday” aired on April 13 was the second episode of the 6th anniversary special. Jo Hye-ryun, Eun Ji-won, Baek Ga, Eunhyuk, Sakura, Yeonjun, and GABEE appeared to congratulate the show.

In this episode, the young appearance of 45-year-old singer Eun Ji-won, member of the first generation KPOP boygroup Sechs Kies surprised Shin Dong-yup. Shin told Eun, “You look the youngest among Korean celebrities.” Comedian Jo Hye-ryun then joked, “Are you older than me?” and Eun Ji-won responded, “What do you mean, senior?”, creating laughter.

Amazing Saturday

Eun Ji-won then said, “I can’t believe it’s already our 6th anniversary. I’m that old,” and cast member Boom exclaimed, “Your face is the same.” However, Jo smiled and said, “You look old from the side,” telling Eun Ji-won, “I’ll give you an eye cream.”

Meanwhile, “Amazing Saturday” show where the cast plays a song lyrics dictation game for hot food.

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