Nam Goong Min makes his way back to historical dramas after 10 years with “My Dearest” 

Nam Goong Min will make his first drama comeback of 2023 with the historical drama “My Dearest.”

One of the most versatile actors on the small screen 

Nam Goong Min has a rough start trying to find a place in the entertainment industry for the first 15 years of his career. The actor had his first breakthrough with “The Girl Who Sees Smell” in 2015 and became an icon of the small screen. From that point onwards, he became a sought-after face with singular performances. 

nam goong min

Throughout 22 years of his career, Nam Goong Min takes viewers by surprise with his various images, from a merciless villain to a loveable dork. From “Remember” to “Good Manager,” his characters are so different that viewers can hardly believe they are portrayed by the same actor.

More recently, the actor challenged himself with the action-themed drama “The Veil.” He reportedly gained 14kg in solely one month to achieve the sculpted physique of his character. 

nam goong min

Such dedication to his craft has earned the actor many prestigious awards. 

A reunion after 10 years 

A decade after “Hur Jun – The Original Story,” Nam Goong Min returned to historical dramas with “My Dearest.” In the drama, he plays Lee Jang Hyun, a mysterious figure who lives in the Neunggeun village during the Qing invasion of Joseon.

nam goong min

Jang Hyun is a complex character who hides his true emotions from others. A mystery from the past prevents him from loving someone else. Nonetheless, his faithful encounter with Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin) takes his life down an unexpected path.

nam goong min

In speaking of the reason for returning to period drama after such a long while, Nam Goong Min revealed it was because of the story told through “My Dearest.” Moreover, Kim Sung Yong, who directed “The Veil,” will also work on this drama as a director. 

“My Dearest” aims to speak to audiences of all ages through a story of love, desire, friendship, and family. Producers of the drama also tease that it will have gorgeous cinematography that even the lead actor is eager for the audience to see.  

My Dearest

Apart from the lead actors, the drama also gathers famous names such as Lee Hak Joo, Lee Da In, and Kim Yoon Woo as part of the cast. 

“My Dearest” will air in two parts. The first part will air on August 4, every Friday and Saturday. The second one will air in October.

Source: k14 

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