Red Velvet’s Seulgi Reveals Her Home Filled with Luxury Furniture 

Seulgi of Red Velvet recently hosted a “virtual housewarming party”, revealing her home in a new YouTube video.

On February 16, a video titled “First reveal | Seulgi’s Hometour | Interior, best items for living alone…” was published on Seulgi’s YouTube channel “Hi Seulgi”.

Here, Seulgi started the video by saying, “It’s already my fifth year since I started living alone. There are some things that I like, and there might also be some tips that I could share, so I’m going to introduce those things to you as I begin the room tour now.”

Then, when introducing the living room, Seulgi explained, “When I moved into this house, this is the space that I instantly fell in love with, which got me to sign the contract right away.”

Seulgi then revealed that she came across quite a challenge when it comes to her white couch which costs 17 million won (approx 12,000 USD). According to the female idol, she debated whether to place a couch of this size or of a more appropriate size. However, since there are windows on both sides, she eventually decided on something with an angular design, and the couch was selected because she “fell in love with it at first sight”. 

“This was a great investment. I want to use this couch for a very long time”, the female idol also said.

Next, Seulgi introduced a coffee table worth 3.8 million won (approx 2,800 USD), saying, “I also contemplated a lot for this table. This is a table from a brand called ‘Isamu Noguchi’. I felt like going for something modern this time. I kind of fell in love with this, so I placed it here. I’m very happy with this table.”

In the space next to the aforementioned couch, Seulgi installed a well-known modular furniture system to store cameras, LPs, game consoles, and more. 

“I contemplated a lot about this because it was really expensive. But, since I was moving into a new house, I decided to buy a great product and use it for a long time and that this was an investment for my home, and I splurged.I think it took a few months before it arrived”, she confessed.

Seulgi then introduced a lamp, saying, “I love round things like this rather than angular things. I fell in love with it when I saw its shape, so I brought it home thinking that I had to. But to be honest, it didn’t go very well with my previous home. I had just been greedy. Once I moved here and changed the couch, this lamp also started to fit in better.”

Seulgi also revealed her bedroom, which features simple interior design. Here, Seulgi emphasized the quality of sleep, and explained that’s why she invested in the bed the most when she first started to live alone. 

Furthermore, Seulgi revealed her quaintly decorated workspace, revealing that not many people come into this room. Although it’s set up as a workspace, the female idol practices more at the company than in the room since there’s no soundproofing.

Throughout the video, Seulgi also mentioned the brands of the items used in the house, shocking netizens as most of the brands are luxury and expensive, showing how the female idol greatly values living quality.

Source: Nate

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