K-drama “The Golden Spoon” to release OST online compilation album 

An OST online compilation album will be released, continuing the impression of the K-drama “The Golden Spoon”.

At noon on November 19th, the OST online compilation album of MBC’s Friday-Saturday K-drama “The Golden Spoon” will be released on music sites.

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In this compilation album, Min Kyung Hoon’s “The Time Is Now”, which reflects the character of the male lead in the play, and Kim Yeji’s “Answer”, which depicts the process of finding answers to questions that endlessly bloom, are produced in solo and duet versions. “You’re the only one” by Kevin Oh and Harryan Yoonseon, as well as “Be There” by O.WHEN and Ki Myu, were released in male and female versions to add to the fun of viewers and provide excitement of different emotions. Meanwhile, RIO’s “Someday I Will” is captured in a dreamy sound, and “Lost” by Sondia depicts the desperate determination of those living in the harsh real world.

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In addition, GOT7 Youngjae’s “On My Way” sings of a strong will to pioneer one’s own life without being frustrated by fate, while Soyou’s “Only You” gives a small consolation to those who are lonely, and to the love that blooms even in a fierce life. 

Furthermore, songs released along with the official airing of the drama are also included, including Jung Sang Keun’s “Falling” and Lee So Jung’s  “Missing You”.

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In total, the OST album consists of 31 tracks, including 19 score sources. Through this album, music director Tae Geon, who was in charge of music for major dramas, is receiving favorable reviews for doubling the charm of the story as well as the perfection of the play.

With excellent acting from a versatile cast, “The Golden Spoon” is expected to give a strong lingering effect with its harmonious and powerful OSTs.

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